Karl Schultheisz

Recursyn Development Report 0

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What’s the current status of Recursyn?

Recursyn: Analog Resampling Synthesizer

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It isn’t just a desire to re-live the sounds of late 90s drum & bass, but the workflow.

Faust Brings Functional Programming to DSP

Published in Programming.

“In the future, all radical new languages will be domain-specific languages.”

My 2020: Development Comes to a Head

Published in Personal.

I realized that I am thirty-three years old, and not anybody, even I, can tell me that I can’t do this.

The Musician Taught the Engineer

Published in Collaboration.

While engineering provides the technology with which music is made, it does not provide technique.

Useful Work Logging

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Tell the story of development.

Troubleshooting Home Network Quality Issues

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Intermittent problems challenge us the most.

How I Make Terminal Sessions Productive

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In short: tmux, Iosevka Term, vis, and entr.

Hope for Reducing C/C++ Build Times

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The rise of new build systems such as Meson demonstrate an interest of developers in better tooling.

Data in the History of Automation Tools

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Where data is lacking, such as in Unix-style IPC, glue languages restore a semblance of structure.