Karl Schultheisz


Hello! My name is Karl Schultheisz ([ˈʃʊltaɪs]). I am a technology worker living in the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, with my wife, son, and fluffmember.

I am equal parts software engineer and electrical engineer. On the software side, I have my share of stories: baremetal microcontrollers, CPU profilers, web servers and frontends, DIY programming languages, signal processing and mobile apps. In electrical engineering, I do audio processing, reverse engineering, analog circuits, and musical instruments. These days, I’m on a hardware kick, but there’s no escaping software.

I’ve also taken significant detours of personal study through philosophy, linguistics, cognitive science, political science, and history. So I’m a bit of a renaissance man, not your typical tech bro. I have no intention of moving to the Bay Area or of writing large numbers of useless blog posts, so if you catch me unwittingly doing either of these things, let me know. I’ll shut the laptop lid and crack open my copy of Wittgenstein.

I’m looking for friends and collaborators. Get in touch if you’re up for it!