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Smart: Starting an Electronics Biz During a Chip Shortage

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At some point while designing an electronic product, one has to decide the hardware implementation. The number of options is a thing of awe. To gather relevant information and focus on one aspect at a time can get you past the paralysis. And make your requirements and constraints clear. Should you face a shortage of […]

Wait, Maybe Not Rust

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I don’t like to come to conclusions prematurely, but the fact is that most human decisions are made from the gut, before we become aware of it, despite our conscious rationalization. One such decision is whether to develop Recursyn using C or Rust. Here’s the rationalization. Rust is the “most loved” programming language. Doesn’t that […]

Recursyn Development Report 0

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What’s the current status of Recursyn?

Recursyn: Analog Resampling Synthesizer

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It isn’t just a desire to re-live the sounds of late 90s drum & bass, but the workflow.

Faust Brings Functional Programming to DSP

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“In the future, all radical new languages will be domain-specific languages.”

My 2020: Development Comes to a Head

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I realized that I am thirty-three years old, and not anybody, even I, can tell me that I can’t do this.

The Musician Taught the Engineer

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While engineering provides the technology with which music is made, it does not provide technique.

Useful Work Logging

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Tell the story of development.

Troubleshooting Home Network Quality Issues

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Intermittent problems challenge us the most.

How I Make Terminal Sessions Productive

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In short: tmux, Iosevka Term, vis, and entr.

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